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How to Ask for More: The First Thing You Need to Know When Advocating for More Money

increasing income May 26, 2021

A lot of people, women in particular, are hesitant to ask for more. Whether it’s a mindset that’s holding you back, fear of rejection, or something else entirely, you have to pursue what you want — and sometimes, that means asserting yourself and asking for what you want!

Even if you work for a company that reevaluates the market rate for positions and adjusts salaries accordingly or you work for yourself and can increase your rates any time, there is still a level of needing to feel confident to advocate for yourself when and if it becomes necessary.

Why It’s Important to Ask for More

I have a client who works in data analytics, but she wasn’t “trained” to do data analytics (ie: she didn’t go to school for this particular set of skills she has). Instead, she evolved into this role in the company and she’s good at it. However, because of the way she evolved into it, she was significantly underpaid when we started working...

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21 Wise Money Quotes for Financial Literacy Month

April is Financial Literacy Month! It’s such an important time for me because I truly believe in the importance of education, especially around money. The reality is that the schools don’t provide much, if any, financial education.

So, I want to make sure you have the tools to feel confident in sharing this information with your kids and also so you are confident in advocating for yourself when it comes to your finances.

I remember learning about money at a young age — I must have been about 10 and my brother was 15. My mom was a single mom. She hurt her back and couldn't go grocery shopping, so it fell to us (my brother and I) to go to the store and get what we needed.

It was the first time we had to be responsible to get the groceries and it was a little scary. We were in charge of making sure we chose wisely so we would all have food to eat for the whole week and hadn’t loaded the cart with groceries that would exceed our budget.

Even though it was a...

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Two Simple Steps to Improve Your Money Mindset

When you want to feel empowered around your money mindset, there’s one thing that is at the heart of preparing to increase your income. Sometimes, in mindset work, we forget that we do have a great deal of control. While that control isn't over anything outside of ourselves, we can control our thoughts, reactions, and beliefs — and that is powerful! And it starts with asking.

Kids are great at this. For example: My kids always want McDonald’s. Nevermind that 99.9% of the time when they ask, my answer is no. But they always ask for it. I’m sure if you’re a parent, cousin, or caretaker of any sort, you’ve had this experience, too.

And as any kiddo is too familiar in hearing… Just because you want it doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. But when you realize that in your money mindset journey that you have a great deal of power over your choices, you can learn to guide your thoughts and actions to prepare yourself for an increase in...

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What it Means to Watch Her Thrive

Often, as someone is entering a life transition, they have this feeling of “I can do it!” mixed with a hefty dose of “What am I going to do?” 

The goal behind Watch Her Thrive is to be a beacon. It’s more than just writing helpful blog articles to show you how something is done. It’s to empower you and show you that Yes, you can do it!

From my early career days, I’ve always been an educator. Sometimes in the traditional sense, like when I taught third grade in inner city Baltimore; and sometimes in the non-traditional sense, like when I became a published senior equity research analyst. And sometimes in the very non-traditional sense as my ex-husband and I navigated the adoption system.

No matter what I did, my mom was always my rock. She was non-judgemental, full of support and encouragement, and always accepting of my anti-status-quo ways. I wanted to blend all of that knowledge and personal guidance into a sustainable, fulfilling...

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Improve your Financial Situation This Year in 5 Easy Steps

Improving your financial situation is always high on the list of resolutions I hear from my clients. After all, with a mindful eye on your finances, you can build stability for your family and be able to thrive for years to come without worry. (It’s such a hot topic, I created a list of 10 financial resolutions you may want to set for yourself to help in this mission.)

That said, surviving and then thriving takes a little effort in the beginning to get yourself on the right track. Case in point: How many dimes would you have for each person you hear claim that “This is my year”? You may have racked up a few dollars just counting all the times you’ve proclaimed it’ll be your year. And, I mean this gently…. What happened after that proclamation? Exactly. Never fear, these 5 simple steps will help you improve your financial situation once and for all so you can bask in the knowledge that this will be your year for years to come.

Make the Decision


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14 Resources for Thriving After Divorce

The holidays are full of emotions whether you’re single, married, newly divorced, remarried, or divorced for a while. That isn’t an exhaustive list by any means, so suffice to say that the holidays can bring up complicated emotions. As a matter of fact, it is immediately after this time when divorce filing rates spike.

Should you be contemplating divorce right now, know that you are not alone. Here are a few resources to help you weather the storm so you can thrive after divorce! In this post, I share links across all facets of my specialties from Great Lakes Divorce Financial Solutions and Great Lakes Investment Management. If you’re interested in diving further into their topic, I’d suggest browsing the blogs on those sites as I have a ton more information and I couldn’t link to all of it!

Increasing Your Income To Help You Thrive After Divorce

One of the first things I usually hear when I work with couples at Great Lakes Divorce Financial Solutions...

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8 Ways to Stay On-Budget During the Holidays

budgeting holidays savings Nov 18, 2020

This year, the holidays will look a little different, but that doesn’t mean that money issues will magically be a moot point. The holidays are prime times to overspend, not stick to a budget, and treat yourself a little too often.

It’s also time to stress about how much you should spend. Will someone think you’re cheap or love them less if you don’t share a gift that’s worth a certain dollar amount? Then, there’s the pressure to give a gift or visit everyone - which isn’t feasible during the best of times, but is definitely going to come under question right now.

But of course! We want to share gifts for a socially-distant gathering with our closest family and friends. It’s the season of love and joy and togetherness. Use these tips to stay on budget and still feel like you aren’t depriving yourself or your loved ones this holiday season. You can also take a look at all of my holiday posts for even more inspiration for holidays...

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Financial Planning Tips for When You're Just Starting to Invest

When you’re starting to invest, it can be overwhelming. There’s a lot of information, industry jargon, and things you can’t control. People talk about the market as a shorthand. If you aren’t in this world day in and day out, you may be missing some things that could help you in the long run. There’s no need to panic or worry, though, because with a little knowledge to get your investment life off on the right foot, it isn’t so scary. 

First of all, let’s give you a round of applause! To some people, investing is such a big concept that they can’t wrap their brain around. They kick the can down the road and avoid the subject. But that isn’t you! You are capable, you can learn, and you’re ready to go for it. Here are a few tips for when you’re just starting to invest that will help you sort through some questions and give you a foundation of knowledge.

Prioritize Your Goals

Prioritizing goals is a big one...

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5 Financial Myths to Stop Believing (and the Truths Instead!)

financial myths Sep 23, 2020

People like to make a lot of proclamations about what to “always” or “never” do with your money. However, these are quite often total financial myths. And, when it’s coming from a source you trust, you tend to take these financial myths at face value rather than exploring the truth of the situation for yourself.

These five financial myths can negatively impact your mental wellbeing as well as that of your budget and financial security. So let’s play MythBusters and talk through some of the things we always hear about finances and the reality of the matter instead.

Financial Myth #1: You don’t need an emergency savings fund if you have a credit card.

The Reality: This is a very costly (and not always assured) way to cover emergencies.

This is one of the financial myths that always gets me going! There are so many things that could get you into trouble around credit cards and the way people use them is one of them.

The reality is that you may...

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5 Budgeting Mindset Shifts to Help You Stick to a Budget

budgeting Aug 26, 2020

When you’re trying a new budgeting system, it can be challenging to get started with it or stick with it long enough to see if it will work for you. With all the different tracking methods, it’s natural to try out a few before one clicks. Having the right mindset around money, saving, and budgeting will help greatly. Here are five of my favorite budgeting mindset shifts that will help you focus on your money goals.

Budgeting Mindset Shift #1: Facing Your Money is Better Than Ignoring It

There is nothing more stressful than having an emergency pop up and no money to cover it - not only will you have to deal with what happened, you’ll have to deal with the added pressure of scrambling to cover it.

What I love about a budget is that it forces you to face your money head-on before a disaster strikes. After all, it’s there in black and white. Embrace the budgeting mindset and habit to look at your bank account every day. Don’t get defeated by what you see,...

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