6 Simple Things to Do to Start Paying Off Debt

debt Jul 31, 2019

Do you dread opening your mail? Has your debt gotten so out of control you feel like you’ll never be able to see a $0 balance on your credit card statement?  It doesn't have to be this way!

Start with these easy simple tips to move your way towards a debt-free life:

1. Take a cold, hard, HONEST look at your debt. With bills arriving at different times of the month, we can easily have tunnel vision for the true amount of debt we have. Collect all your bills and lay them out. Look at the BIG picture. It may not be pretty but this is a good start on getting real with yourself.

2. Call your credit card companies to negotiate a lower interest rate. This really does work. Explain to your credit card company how you’ve been a loyal customer and would hate to have to transfer your balance to a different lower interest card. (This can also work wonders with internet and cable companies!) 

3. Check your credit score. Mistakes do happen. Be sure everything is in...

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