How to Stay On Budget Over Winter Vacation

With the kids home from school and plenty of fun things to do throughout the season, it’s challenging to stick to a budget during the winter vacation. Armed with the right tips, you can help yourself save money by staying on budget during the winter vacation! 

Winter vacation is not only expensive, but it can also be draining emotionally and mentally. It’s important to stay engaged and continue enriching your life no matter how low the temperatures dip! 

Stick to a Budget by Enjoying Free Activities 

Many places have free activities you can do during the winter months. From driving around looking at Christmas lights to participating in a Polar Plunge, you can try so many fun activities that are winter-friendly. Get your kids involved in free activities and keep them happy throughout the entire (YES!) winter vacation!  

To find free activities that will help you stick to your budget, check community social media pages, bulletin boards, and even chambers of commerce for ideas. Even if you’re unable to find activities that are entirely free, you can browse around to find things that are inexpensive to do together.

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Stick to a Budget by Trying Games Inside 

Board games, family games on cell phones, and classic games like charades are all fun to play as a family. These can all be performed inside and are seriously fun. If you haven’t gotten down with a game of 20 questions in what feels like decades, you’ll be surprised at just how classically fun this game is! You can even make precious family memories with these games that are totally free. 


Winter Scavenger Hunts Are a Great Way to Stick to Your Budget

Even though many people think of scavenger hunts as summer activities, you can still do them during winter vacation! Scavenger hunts are free and are a fun activity that the entire family will enjoy doing with you. Think about things that you commonly see during winter and set the kids up for a fun scavenger hunt. You can even think of things you might see while you’re out and about to set this hunt up as a multi-day event! 

Start New Traditions 

Something as simple as sipping on hot chocolate and browsing a new park during the winter can quickly become a family tradition if you make it a fun activity for all the kids. Setting up traditions is fun and will give your kids something they can look back on and remember as they grow up.

Getting Active in the Cold Is a Great Way to Stick to a Budget Over Winter Vacation

If you’re in a very cold area, you’ll need to find fun things that you can do to stay active indoors during the winter months. But, going outside during winter can be just as fun if you bundle up. Things like outdoor races, going to the park, and even bike riding don’t have to stop just because it’s winter vacation. Another fun and active activity is sledding or snow tubing. While most ski areas charge exorbitant amounts for ski or snowboard tickets, their prices on tubing are a bit more budget and family-friendly! 

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Steer The Kids Away From Tech 

It can be so hard to keep your kids off of video games and televisions during the winter vacation, but it’s imperative to make sure that they stay engaged even during this relaxing time. Try to think of fun things to do that your kids can try out without having to rely on devices or other types of tech. By doing this, you’ll set them up for a happier and healthier winter! 

Learn Something New 

Knitting, crafts, and other learning opportunities are an excellent option for the freezing winter months. Not the crafty type? Learn a new language! Phone and computer apps make it so easy to learn a language for little to no cost! You can help keep your kids engaged during the winter months, even when they’re not learning in school. 

Hit the Library to Stick to Your Winter Break Budget

Aside from the free programs that most libraries do for kids during the winter, you can have an enjoyable time while you’re at the library. Find a new book to read, take some time to browse archives, or sign up for an educational lecture. Not only will it be great for your kids, but it can also be really enriching for your own life! 

Take a Short Trip 

Even though a ski trip to Vail is probably out of the question when you’re on a budget, you can still take short winter trips that are meaningful. If you live in a warmer climate, look for nearby locations that might be colder than where you live. These places likely have snow, and it can be a magical experience for kids who have never seen it before! Short trips are inexpensive and can usually fit into any budget.

Whether it’s a day trip or even a short weekend trip, you can give your kids something to love and stay on budget during this winter vacation!