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The Best Frugal Halloween Finger Foods to Fit Your Party Budget

Entertaining for Halloween can be fun, but between the costumes, the spooky decorations, and the candy for all of your neighbors’ kids, the cost can add up quickly! Save some money this year with these frugal Halloween finger foods. Bonus: because they are finger foods, you won’t need to provide all of those plastic utensils. See, we are saving money already!


“Finger” Food

Serve your guests hot dogs with a few notches cut out of them for a literal take on frugal Halloween finger foods. Hot dogs are inexpensive, kid-friendly food, and easy to serve. To turn your average hot dogs into fingers, cut a small square out of the top portion of the hot dog for a nailbed look. Cut three lines underneath that and three more about halfway down the hot dog. Serve the hotdogs with some ketchup on them for a bloody look. 

Web Pizza

Pizza is a fan favorite and is so affordable when you make it yourself. Purchase premade dough and coat it in pizza sauce. Then, arrange your white cheese in a spider web pattern! Slice up some olives to make creepy spiders or leave the web plain for a classic look.

Broom Cheesesticks

Pretzel sticks are affordable at usually just a few dollars per bag. Pair them with cheese sticks for fun finger food that’ll feed a crowd. Cut your cheese sticks into three sections. Cut vertically at about ¾ of each section a few times. Fan the cheese out like a broom and slide a pretzel stick into them.

Deviled Eggs

Whether you love the name or prefer a more family-friendly take on them (like pocket eggs or angel eggs), you can make them fun for Halloween. Boil your eggs like you usually would. Crack the eggs, but leave the shells on. Rolling them between your hand and the counter will result in the crackled look. Place the eggs in a plastic bag and fill with some black or purple food coloring. Shake it up well and let the eggs dry before peeling. From that point forward, make your deviled eggs using your favorite recipe.

Prefer not to use the dye? Add olives to the top of each egg in the shape of a spider.

Easy and Cheesy

In a hurry and need frugal finger foods immediately? Use Halloween-themed cookie cutters and cut cheese into ghosts, pumpkins, and cats! It’ll only take a block or two, and it’ll be the hit of the party!

Ants on a Log

While this recipe is perfect for any holiday or event, the idea of bugs makes it a great option for Halloween. You can even call it “spiders on a log” if you want to be super creepy. Cut stalks of celery into smaller sections and fill each section with cream cheese or peanut butter. Top your “logs” with raisins or chocolate chips for the perfect party snack. 

Scary Good Fruit

Fruit can make a great decoration AND is the perfect low-budget and healthy snack. For a traditional fall look, peel a clementine or mandarin orange and place a small piece of celery in the center for the stem (looks like a pumpkin, right?)

Cut bananas in half for a low-effort ghost. All you need are a few tiny chocolate chips to add as eyes, and you are good to go.

Mummy Brownies

Whether you make your own brownies or use store-bought ones, you can quickly turn them into mummies using some frosting and chocolate chips. Once your brownies are cooled, pipe your store-bought or homemade frosting using back and forth motions to create a mummy wrap appearance. Place two upside-down chocolate chips for the eyes, and it’s ready to serve!


While this elaborate design might seem like it’s too costly for a frugal party, it is actually very affordable! Purchase a foam head for a few dollars from a craft store or dollar store. Cover the entire top of the head with plastic wrap.

Place a package of cocktail wieners in a slow cooker with one jar of grape jelly and one jar of sauce and heat on low for two to four hours. Take the wieners out and place them horizontally all over the head using toothpicks to arrange in a brain pattern.

Spider Cookies

Who doesn’t love a chocolate chip cookie? Make your favorite recipe and as soon as you take them out of the oven, use a toothpick to pull the gooey, melty chocolate out into “spider legs.” Add a malt ball to the top, and you’ll have a great looking spider! You can also do this by warming up store-bought cookies, but keep in mind that when you make your own, you typically save money.

Monster Donuts

You can give away party favors with your frugal Halloween finger foods. Invest in a dozen donuts and a pack of vampire teeth from the dollar store. Pinch the teeth closed and pop them into the donut hole. They’ll open back up, and the donut will look like a monster. You can also use a bit of jam around the mouth for the appearance of blood or add chocolate chips for eyes. Your guests (especially the kids) will love going home with their own set of vampy teeth.

Make Your Favorites

It’s easy to turn almost any snack into a Halloween-themed one and do so on a budget. Use your imagination, and your party will be a huge success without breaking the bank.

What’s your favorite low-cost finger food for Halloween parties? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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