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One of my Favorite DIY Halloween Decorations

It's easy to spend a small fortune on decorations for holidays. However, between Halloween costumes and pumpkins, going all out on decorations might be outside your budget. You can still have fun without spending a lot. One of my favorites to make is a homemade scarecrow.

I think the scarecrow has got to be the most common DIY Halloween Decoration. I've been making them since I was a kid. AND, it's a great way to get the kids to rake and think it's fun. Not only that, you can do it with materials lying around your house.

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There are lots of different versions of scarecrows. Encourage your kids to get creative with the materials. Here's one version.

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  • Old button-down shirt
  • Old jeans
  • Pair of old pantyhose
  • String (or twine)
  • Leaves (or straw)
  • Lawnchair
  • Milk jug (to make the head) - You could also use a flower pot or pillowcase stuffed with leaves or a Jack-O-Lantern. Again, be as creative as you like!
  • Long stick
  • Pins (or a hot glue gun if you want a more permanent solution)
  • Accessories - hat, scarf, shoes (get creative)


examples of DIY Halloween Decorations


DIY Scarecrow Directions

1. Start by gathering some old clothes from around the house - whatever you want to dress your scarecrow in. Make sure you get some old pantyhose. It's a great way to get rid of ones that have runs.

2. Rake a pile of leaves. (If you have straw, that's great, but I've always used leaves.)

3. Stuff the pantyhose with leaves. They are going to be the arms and torso of your scarecrow. Use some string to tie the top, so the leaves stay in. Put the legs of the pantyhose through the sleeves of the shirt, so the pantyhose are upside down.

4. Tie the pants at the bottoms and stuff the pants with leaves. 

5. Pin the top to the bottom.

6. Place the scarecrow body propped up on a lawn chair.

7. Now it's time to add the head. You can use the milk jug and decorate it however you like, or you can cover it with fabric and paste facial features to the outside. Place a long stick in the milk just and put the other end through the neck of the shirt. 

8. Once the body is together, you can accessorize with whatever you like. Maybe your scarecrow wants to wear a hat and a scarf. Let your kids get creative. Depending on how you create it, you might be able to dress him up several times throughout the season or at least change out the accessories.



Making Memories with DIY Halloween Decorations

Making DIY Halloween decorations with your kids can be tons of fun and make great memories. Make sure you take some pictures of your family with your scarecrow each year, so you look back and remember each one. I love to do scrapbooking, and my Halloween spreads are always some of my favorites.

Do you have some ideas for DIY Halloween decorations? Comment below or join us in the Moms Managing Money Facebook Group to discuss. Better yet, if you made your own, share a picture with us. We'd love to see it.

If you just can't find the time to make your own DIY Halloween decorations, I completely understand. Between fall festivals and football games, it can be a busy time of year. You can always grab some cheap Halloween decorations online or just put out some beautiful mums.

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