9 Cheap Halloween Party Ideas

The spooky season is finally here! Get ready to bump into Halloween décor in almost every store you visit. From food ideas, Halloween-themed décor to various crafts, it can be difficult to stay on track with your budget and yet still enjoy the season. Check out these 9 inexpensive Halloween party ideas that can be created (or purchased) without breaking your budget.

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1. Turn Your Toilet Paper Rolls into Bats.

Turning your empty toilet paper rolls into bats is arguably one of the easiest Halloween DIY’s you’ll ever try. Just collect a couple of rolls and paint them black. From that point on – it’s all about your creativity. You can add paper wings and googly eyes, or simply use whatever other materials you have lying around the home. Make a “bat family” or add it as an activity for your Halloween party. After all, who doesn’t love repurposing those toilet paper rolls?

Check out this tutorial.

2. Spooky Halloween Lanterns.

Don’t feel like carving pumpkins this Halloween? No worries. Mix it up a bit and use some clear mason jars straight from your pantry. You can choose to experiment with different colored spray paints and see what you come up with. Of course, spray paint can get expensive, so don’t go overboard. The good thing about Halloween is that there’s no rule to follow and you can get away with just about anything. Be sure to buy a couple of LED candles to place inside each of the jars.

Check out these ideas.

3. Balloon Decorations.

Balloons are a simple way to decorate, especially if you don’t want to spend a lot of money during this spooky season. Visit your local dollar store and you won’t be disappointed. Inflate the balloons (you might want to make it a contest to see who can do so the quickest?) and make some spooky drawings on each side. Keep in mind, you are only limited by your imagination.

Consider these balloon designs.

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4. Halloween Cups

I don’t know about your kids, but mine love everything to do with the plastic character cups. If you want to make your Halloween party memorable, you may want to allow them to create their own. Grab some inexpensive (and plain) paper cups the next time you go to the store. Give your guests the option to draw their own cool design and add some googly eyes to the cup as well. Not only will you know which cup belongs to which person, but you might encourage some creative conversation as well.

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5. Make Your Festive Food at Home.

When you choose to make your Halloween party goodies at home, you can save yourself a lot of money. Consider cupcakes or bat-shaped cookies for dessert. Just be sure to go crazy with the icing and make them look as spooky as possible. For snacks, you may want to include a scary hummus dip with veggies. Remember, the idea is to have a party on a budget, so use typical party foods and then tweak them to make them a bit spooky.

Consider these simple dessert ideas.

6. Halloween Costumes.

We all want great Halloween costumes but what do you do when you have a bit of a budget to stick to? Try making your own costume at home.  For kids, you can use bedsheets, cardboards or oversized clothes to come up with scary cartoon characters. Some light face painting can also help create a more convincing look.

Check out my recent post on the topic.

7. Search for Free Printables

If you are considering a paper party invites for your Halloween gathering, you might want to consider a free template. A quick search of Pinterest will net you tons of options, so whether you are looking for bats, ghosts or something spookier, you’ll find exactly what you need at a fraction of the store-bought cost.

Check out my favorite printable design.

8. Use Oranges instead of Pumpkins.

Oranges can be used as a great alternative to Pumpkins. This is especially if you don’t feel the need to spend your hard-earned coins on a bunch of pumpkins. Go ahead and draw some scary faces on your oranges using some washable markers and you’re good to go.

9. Create Your Own Photo Booth.

Building your own wacky photo booth at home can bring just the right amount of excitement to your party. Not only do you have the opportunity to document the fun, but you can share it all over social media with family and friends that couldn’t make. Hang a white sheet inside or outside and surround it with a fun border. (Consider a paper pumpkin garland.) You may want to add a few photo props, but don’t go to a lot of expense – remember, this is supposed to be budget-friendly!

Consider these ideas.

What Will You Use?

Throwing a spooktacular Halloween on a budget isn’t difficult. You just need to find the perfect inspiration and tap into your creativity. When you do that, the party will be a memorable one and your budget will still be intact.

Do you have an inexpensive Halloween décor idea? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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