Support for Women to Thrive: Watch Her Thrive's Mission

Often, as a woman is entering a life transition, she experiences this feeling of “I can do it!” mixed with a hefty dose of “What am I going to do?” Our mission at Watch Her Thrive is to provide support for women to thrive through these transitions.” 

The goal behind Watch Her Thrive is to be a beacon. It’s more than just writing helpful blog articles to show you how something is done. It’s to empower you and show you that, Yes, you can do it!

From my early career days, I’ve always been an educator. I've used my experiences to provide support for women to thrive, regardless of circumstances. Sometimes in the traditional sense, like when I taught third grade in inner-city Baltimore; and sometimes in the non-traditional sense, like when I became a published senior equity research analyst. And sometimes in the very non-traditional sense as my ex-husband and I navigated the adoption system.

No matter what I did, my mom was always my rock. She was non-judgemental, full of support and encouragement, and always accepting of my anti-status-quo ways. I wanted to blend all of that knowledge and personal guidance into a sustainable, fulfilling career.

Back when I got the idea for this blog (before it was as large of a part of my business as it is now), it was called Moms Managing Money. And if you know that, I am toasting you with my Diet Coke! Thank you for supporting me! You are the reason this community is a community. That feeling of support is exactly why I am here doing what I’m doing.

Moms Managing Money was a wonderful community that provided support for women to thrive financially, full of helpful tips and resources to help you manage your money well and create a sense of financial security for you and your family.

However, as I grew and talked about more than just motherhood and ways to help families save money, lots of women who weren’t moms reached out to me and asked if they could be part of this community.

And I realized that while I know in my heart I want to provide support for women to thrive financially regardless of their maternal status, I wasn’t inclusive in my language. So, I got to work updating and adding to and expanding my mission and the content of Moms Managing Money — and creating Watch Her Thrive.

Watch Her Thrive is a safe space for women to talk about what’s on your heart and ways to use your finances to achieve those dreams. It’s a space for anyone who identifies as a woman to have compassionate guidance and be a source they can turn to for trusted, actionable advice.

To me, Watch Her Thrive empowers women and gives you tools and resources to feel confident and independent with finances. It's a hub and community of peers who are ready to provide the support for women to thrive in all aspects of life. Because everyone’s definition of thriving is different.

Watch Her Thrive is my love note to any woman who is confused, uncertain, and stressed about money. It’s a safe space to talk about what’s on your heart and learn ways to use your finances to achieve those dreams.

I believe, without a doubt, that financial stability is available for you, regardless of the hand you’ve been dealt or what your money story has been up to this point. I will teach you to create wealth that supports your vision of a thriving, fulfilling life and provide tools that uplift and help you reach the next level of your journey.

At the end of the day, we created Watch Her Thrive so we could provide the necessary support for women to thrive. So we could feel happy, confident, and empowered. So we could stand up and say, “Watch me thrive.”

What does it mean to you to thrive? What does that feel like in your bones? Whatever it is, I hope you do more of that. And if you need support, guidance, education, and encouragement, the Watch Her Thrive community is here for you. You can join our free Facebook group HERE.


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