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10 Festive Gift Baskets to Give Your Favorite Families

When you’re trying to save money for the holidays, having to purchase a gift for every person in a family can be expensive. If you want to save money without looking cheap, consider one of these fun and festive gift baskets for your friends and extended family! Keep in mind that you don't have to use a basket for the container, either. Get creative and see what you have stored away that could be a great gift holder. It’s also great to keep a couple of these around for the unexpected visitors who pop in and parties you have to attend. 

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Movie Night 

Most families love getting together one or two nights of the week to have a movie night. Make that easier for them by giving them a basket filled with the movie night essentials. Include things like popcorn, candy, and other movie snacks. You can also find affordable popcorn containers made from plastic or cardboard to include in this fun basket! 


Board Games 

While board games can get pricey, the supplies for them don’t have to be. Stock up on dice and snacks for your favorite board game-loving family and put them in a fun basket. Many discount stores and even dollar stores offer off-brand board and card games that are just as fun as their pricier counterparts. Puzzles can also make a great addition to game baskets.

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Gingerbread Basket 

Baking is such a fun activity for families and likely one they don’t get to do often. Help your favorite family make delicious gingerbread treats by stocking a basket with everything they need for baking gingerbread. They’ll love the festive tastes while they complete this holiday tradition. Your options aren’t just limited to gingerbread, either. Stock the basket with cookie-making or even quick bread-making supplies! 

Breakfast Basket

Who doesn’t love a good breakfast? While you can’t necessarily include eggs in a premade basket, there are a few things you can provide. Add a mix for quick muffins, shelf-stable microwave bacon, and a bag of coffee. They’ll love waking up on hectic mornings during the holidays with the essentials for a yummy (and quick) breakfast!

Hot Chocolate Basket

A holiday hot chocolate basket is so affordable and easy to put together. Add a jar of hot chocolate powder, a bag of marshmallows, and a bunch of peppermint sticks for holiday flavors and toss in a festive mug or two. In fact, you don’t even need a basket to give this gift. Fill a large jar with the hot cocoa powder, marshmallows, and a single peppermint stick and tie a ribbon around the top.  Now, the only question is, big marshmallows or mini marshmallows?

Ice Cream Sundaes

Ice cream will definitely melt if you actually include it in the basket, but nothing is stopping you from including all the essential toppings! Add things like maraschino cherries, hot fudge in a jar, and maybe even some magic shell. Stock the basket with ice cream cones, and don’t forget the sprinkles! 

Cozy Basket 

When the weather outside gets frightful, your friends and family will love wrapping up in a blanket that you gave them! Make this favorite holiday gift just a little better by including it in a themed basket. Add their favorite kind of candle and maybe even a pair of slippers. Other ideas for this basket include luxurious hand lotion and sweet little throw pillows! 

BBQ Basket

Grillin’ season is probably the last thing on your mind during Christmas, but the warm weather will come soon enough, and your loved ones will be so excited to have new tools and sauces to use. Select a variety of BBQ sauce blends to add to the basket. Don’t forget the grilling apron, vegetable grilling tool, and maybe even some paper plates. Corn cob holders and grill mats will also be a big hit! 

Outdoor Basket

Whether you live where it’s warm or are just dreaming about the warm weather, you can easily create a basket that’ll have everything needed for warm-weather fun. Take advantage of clearance savings on summer gear with this basket. Add pool floats, goggles, sand buckets, and more, and your loved ones will be transported to (and prepared for) sunny summer days. 

Parent Basket 

Have a no-kid family on your list? Or maybe just a couple of parents who deserve some relaxation? This basket is for them! Include things like small wine samplers, aromatherapy candles, and perhaps even a soft blanket to snuggle up with. They’ll think of you as they enjoy their festive holiday Reisling blend! 

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Have any ideas that missed the list? Leave a comment below and let us know!