Last-Minute Thanksgiving Desserts You Need to Try

Even though the turkey is the main dish for Thanksgiving, many people enjoy dinner just for the sides and desserts. When you need something sweet for after the big meal, try one of these cheap and easy last minute Thanksgiving desserts! 

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Pumpkin Cheesecake 

While you can go with a traditional pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving, you might want to switch it up a bit this year! Try a super easy pumpkin cheesecake! This recipe is much easier than a finicky pumpkin pie recipe and gives you a flavorful and rich dessert. If you’re hoping to stretch your ingredients, this cheesecake is it! 

Cherry Dump Cake 

You can’t get much easier than a dump cake and with only a few ingredients, this cherry dump cake is a crowd-pleaser and so easy to put together. While the cake is easy enough to make while you’re whipping up your turkey and sides, it tastes even better if you make it the night before! 

Apple Crumble 

Similar to dump cakes, crumble desserts are usually much easier to make than other cake options. Enjoy an apple crumble cake after dinner or on its own with some ice cream as you get hungrier later in the night. As with many other cake recipes, apple crumble tastes better when you prepare it ahead of time.

Caramel Pull-Apart Bars

When you’re looking for a non-traditional dessert, but you want the delicious and rich flavors of fall, these caramel pull-apart bars hit the spot. The bars are easy to make and the ingredients are affordable. Your friends and family will love trying out this flavorful and gooey Thanksgiving recipe.

Cinnamon Roll Cookies

Even if you don’t typically think of cookies as a Thanksgiving dessert, you may want to start! Cinnamon roll cookies are a great and light treat to enjoy after eating your heavy Thanksgiving meal. They’re also great to make before Thanksgiving and eat while you’re waiting for the meal to cook. Be sure to make a few extras to send with your Black Friday shoppers and to indulge in during your day-after brunch! 

Better Pecan Pie 

Pecan pie is usually a very involved process and can be extremely expensive. If you love pecan pie, but you just don’t want to blow your dough on the ingredients, try this simplified version. It’s easy to make, isn’t terribly expensive, and gives you all the traditional flavors you love with pecan pie! 

Chocolate Bark 

Who doesn’t love some delicious chocolate bark? Whether you want to create this dessert for after the Thanksgiving dinner or you need something for your guests to munch on as you cook the dinner, this chocolate bark is so good. The chocolate is flavorful and satisfies everyone’s sweet tooth. The salt cuts through the sweetness and gives the chocolate bark just the right amount of zing to make it even tastier.

Acorns with Oreos 

If you need a cute dessert for the little ones, try these acorns made out of Oreos. These little cookies are not only adorable but they’re also so tasty. They’re easy to put together and made with ingredients that are super affordable. In fact, you might even have everything you need for this tasty cookie treat on hand already! 

Chocolate Pie 

Baking a chocolate pie for Thanksgiving is like a rite of passage, but it doesn’t have to be complicated! This ultimate chocolate fudge pie is tasty, easy to do, and only involves a few affordable ingredients. Your friends and family will be so impressed with the delicious flavor of this classic pie. Make sure you make this one the night before so it has plenty of time to set up in the fridge overnight! It’s also best served cold so keep that in mind when you’re making it. Served best with homemade whipped cream and some fancy chocolate shavings! 

No-Bake Cheesecake

There are so many cheesecake recipes out there, but nothing beats this cheesecake pie. It uses a pre-made pie crust which cuts down on so much time! The recipe is so simple that you can have it done in 15 minutes flat and it only has a few super affordable ingredients. You can add pumpkin to the pie to give it a fall flavor or you can top it with cherry pie topping. The options are endless for cheesecake pie so consider that as you’re looking at all the different toppings available! While you can serve the pie immediately after you make it, you may also want to put it in the fridge and let it sit for a few hours so it has time to set up. 

What's your favorite Thanksgiving dessert on a budget? Leave a comment below and let us know! In the meantime - Happy Thanksgiving!

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