5 Ways to Save Money on Back-to-School

by Kelly Greene

It's that time of year again! Many moms celebrate the end of a summer full of video games, "I'm bored," and coming home to a sink full of dishes and cups (and what is up with those cups?!? How many cups does one child need in a day?) But, celebrating aside, this time of year can cause some financial stress. School supplies, activity fees, equipment, and, of course, CLOTHES. It seems the older your kids get, the more costly these things become. So what are some ways to save money?

  1. Recycle school supplies from last year. Most kids didn't use the entire box of 24 pencils or 12 glue sticks that were on last year's list. Scissors last an eternity, markers still have some juice and a backpack can be washed. 
  2. Stock up for next year during this year's back-to-school clearance sales. I've seen prices slashed up to 80% a few weeks after school started. 
  3. Look on Craig's List, Offer Up and at thrift stores for athletic equipment. You'll be amazed at what you can find. After all, you probably aren't the only parent to have a kid be mad crazy about a sport only to have zero interest a month later.
  4. Organize a clothing exchange in your community. Kids grow like weeds and their style seems to change monthly. Gathering other parents in your area is a fun and free way to update your kid's wardrobe. Organize this through your church, temple, Meet Up or even the school.
  5. Take advantage of big sales, tax-free days, coupons and 50% off days. Stores like Kohl's offer great sales, coupons, and often Kohl's cash to use later. Goodwill has a monthly 50% off day. You can get some really great brand name, tags still on clothes at thrift stores if you have the patience to dig a bit. 

Happy Back to School, Moms! Make it a delightful year!