Planning a Staycation for Winter Break?

Looking for staycation ideas for your family? Even though most people think of summer break as the best time to have fun with friends and family, winter break can still be a great time to bond and enjoy your time together. With lower prices on fun activities and the kids home from school, it’s the perfect time to have a winter staycation!

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15 Staycation Ideas for Families

1. Involve the kids in planning and preparing a family meal.

Look through some cookbooks and create a grocery list together. Head to the score to get everything you need and then let the kids do most of the work preparing the meal. You can also get your friends involved! Having a party with all your besties is a great way to connect and get out of the slump that can sometimes happen during the winter break.


2. Have a movie marathon. 

With snowy roads and freezing temps, you don't have to go anywhere to have a fun time while you're on your winter staycation! Stay inside, watch some winter classics, and snuggle down under a fuzzy blanket with some hot cocoa and popcorn! 

3. Visit a local museum.

Children’s museums are great during the long winter breaks. Visit one that’s closeby, and you might even be able to save some money on the tickets. You can spend an entire day at most children’s museums, and the kids will still be having an enjoyable time. Pack up some snacks, get the kids dressed, and head out for an entire day filled with fun activities.

4. Visit the library.

Libraries are filled with helpful resources, and so many fun things for kids to do. Aside from the magical adventures they can experience in books, kids can also enjoy things like craft rooms and play spaces. Relax and read a book while you're there with the kiddos! 

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5. Attend a performance.

When I was a kid, my mom took me to the ballet many years around Christmas time. I still remember when I saw the Nutcracker for the first time.

This year, we have plans to take the kids to one of the community theaters to see Shrek. Between the schools, community theaters, and professional productions, there are lots of options.

6. Host a cookie swap.

Who doesn't love yummy cookies? It's even better when you get to try a recipe that you've never had before. Get together with your friends and family to host a cookie swap. Browse Pinterest, old recipe books, and family favorites for a delicious cookie that your friends may have never tried before! 

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7. Invite the dolls and stuffed animals and host a tea party.

Ah, the tea party. It's a classic game you can play, and it is so easy to pull off. Gather the kids and all their stuffed animals. Get together for tea and cookies! Bonus points for dressing up! 

8. Go to a professional sports game.

Winter is a great transition time for sports teams, and you can get great deals on tickets. Whether you're going to watch a local professional game or a national one, you can have a great time at any sports game you visit. 

9. Visit a trampoline park.

When your kids bounce, they get all that pent-up energy out. Trampoline parks are super fun and a great way to have an enjoyable time with your kids. In fact, many trampoline parks are really affordable, and you can often find deals for them on Groupon and other discount sites.

10. Go bowling.

If you haven't put on a pair of bowling shoes in a long time, get back into the groove and get ready for a fun and classic game the whole family can have a blast with. Whether you're a bumper user or you prefer the competition of classic bowling, you can have fun and get a little active during your winter staycation.

11. Go ice skating.

Winter is the best time for ice skating, and you'll have so much fun and get great exercise out on the rink. Teach your kids to ice skate if they haven't already learned, and you can create a classic bonding experience. Try an outdoor rink if you're in an area where it gets really cold. 

12. Go skiing or snow tubing.

Even though skiing can really add up when it comes to the cost, you can save money and have some fun in the powder with a snow tubing adventure. Check local ski areas for tickets and even discounts on things like twilight tubing. 

13. Go on a scavenger hunt.

This totally free activity is fun to do with kids, and you'll find yourself hunting for items too! Winter is a great time to do it, and you can look for winter-themed things like snowmen, cardinals, and even houses that still have Christmas lights up! 

14. Go tobogganing.

There's something that's just so special about a classic toboggan ride! Gather up the kids and have an adventure on a toboggan or a modern and updated plastic version. Make sure you take precautions for safety and always have a great time.

15. Work together and create a Lego city.

It's been a while since you dug that box of Legos out of the toy room, right? Dust off that box and get ready for a Lego city. You can go freestyle and put it all together at the end or enlist each member of the family to create a certain building for your city! Don't forget to take pics of this fun memory.

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