10+ Teacher Gifts Under Ten Dollars

I am so grateful to my children's teachers and love showing my gratitude during the holidays. I started as a teacher very early in my career and found it to be incredibly stressful, so I hold an extra special place in my heart for teachers.

Unfortunately, with three kids and each kid having multiple teachers, I have to be pretty frugal when it comes to gift-giving or it would blow my whole holiday budget. I would love to do something crafty or homemade but time is way too limited these days.

That's why I wanted to share this list of ten great gift ideas for teachers that won't break the bank. All of these items can be found on Amazon for less than $10 and you can get them with free shipping in just two days with Amazon Prime.

Teacher Gifts for Under $10

Coffee Mug  

There's a wide selection of coffee mugs that make great teacher gifts under $10 - you don't have to get one specifically designed for teachers. Last year, I did holiday mugs with packets of hot chocolate tucked inside for several of the kids' teachers.

Teacher Notebook

There are tons of notebooks and journals designed specifically for teachers. If you know of the teacher's other interests, it might make sense to choose a different one. For example, last year my youngest had a teacher who was really into dogs. For her, I got dog-themed notepads and pens.


Math Jokes for the Math Lover 

Looking for a unique teacher gift for under $10? I think joke books are fun and creative gift ideas. Not only that, there are joke books for nearly every subject you can think of. Here's a cute one for the math lover in your life.

Key Chain

There are several beautiful key chains designed just for teachers. This one even comes in a very attractive gift box, which adds that extra special touch. Just because you're not spending a lot of money doesn't mean you can't give a thoughtful well-packaged gift.

Christmas Ornament 

I love buying ornaments, and I love receiving ornaments. There are tons of different Christmas ornaments designed for teachers but there are also beautiful ornaments designed for the season.

Journal to Capture Things Students Say

If you have kids, the one thing you know for sure is that you never know what's going to come out of their mouths. My youngest son has a way of saying things that just cracks me up. He has absolutely no filter. Here's a journal to capture all the great things the kids in your favorite teacher's class have to say. 

An Inspiring Book

There are so many inspiring books to choose from and your favorite teacher may even have time to read over winter break. A book is a great way to show your appreciation. 


With the endless piles of papers to grade, stamps can be easier and quicker than stickers but stickers are also great gift ideas. There are all different kinds, too. You can get holidays one or just ones that say "great job" or something else that can be used all year long.

Manicure/Pedicure Set

Remind those hard-working teachers to take time to pamper themselves. These manicure/pedicure sets could always be combined with some fun nail polish colors for something even a little special. 

Bath Bombs

Bath bombs make a great teacher gift under $10. The have become a popular gift in recent years. If you don't have time to make your own, you can get some nice sets on Amazon. They come in a variety of colors and scents so there's something for everyone.  

For My Kids' Teachers

In case you're interested, here's what I decided to do...

For the female teachers in my life, I ordered fuzzy socks and foot lotion this year. I ordered 2 sets of six pairs for $15.99 each. That was a total of $34.54 with tax. 

I ordered 2 packs of 6 bottles of foot lotion. That was $49.18 with tax. Each gift totaled $6.98. If you buy gift bags in bulk, they'll run an average of $0.50 each, keeping me well below my $10/teacher budget.

My kids don't have many male teachers this year - only two in fact. I got each of them a joke book for their respective subjects.



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