Games About Money: Teach Your Kids with Board Games

Teaching kids about anything (and especially money) is always easier when you  make it fun for them to understand, so that’s why I love games! Using games to talk to your kids about money can be rewarding because you have an example right in front of you to base your conversation on.

I don’t know about your kids, but hands-on experiences are always preferred to hypothetical discussions in my house! (And, let’s be honest, they don't want to hear a lecture about money and quite frankly, I'm guessing you don't want to give it.)

Talking to your kids about money can be a confusing conversation to have, especially if you don’t even want to have that conversation in the first place. So, why not incorporate it in your family nights so it's not a drag?!

On Sundays, we usually have dinner at my mom's, which is often followed by an evening of board games and other family fun. Here are some of our favorites that teach some great lessons on financial literacy.

Games To Teach Kids About Money



Monopoly is a classic and there are so many versions now! Really, there's something for everyone. We've been enjoying the Clevelandopoly version in honor of our hometown ever since my mother-in-law got it for us last year.

Financial literacy topics: budgeting, investing, saving, debt, interest, taxes


Another classic, PayDay, is a great game to inspire some important conversations about money. My kids have been playing it for years and even the older two (ages 11 and 12) still enjoy it.

Financial literacy topics: budgeting, paying bills


You don't need anything fancy for a game of restaurant. My kids enjoy creating their own menu in a simple notebook and pretend to take orders on a notepad. Running a restaurant requires a lot of financial skills - everything from cost analysis to pricing the food right to developing an advertising budget.

Financial literacy topics: entrepreneurship, making change

Other Tried and True Games that Teach Kids About Money

The Allowance Game

Like earning a real-life allowance, The Allowance Game centers around the concept of rewards and consequences. Not only will you teach your kids about money, but you’ll have the opportunity to talk to them about what happens if they don’t do something (in the game and in real life).

Financial literacy topics: budgeting, saving, investing

The Stock Exchange Game

Learning to make wise investments is the goal of the Stock Exchange Game. Even if you’re confused about investing and the stock market, this game will help you understand simple ways to talk to your kids about stocks and trading, retirement savings, and how it all works together.

Financial literacy topics: investing, interest, taxes, buying and selling stock, saving for retirement

Grocery Store

Like Restaurant, playing Grocery Store doesn’t require anything fancy and requires a lot of financial skills. Little kids can learn about budgeting and making change while older kids can learn about cost analysis and pricing.

Financial literacy topics: entrepreneurship, making change, budgeting

Board games are a staple in my house and I love that I can use them as a way to spark conversations with my kids. Whether you’re just starting to talk to your kids about money or you want to introduce more complex topics for discussion, there are many games that will help you teach your kids about money.                                             

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