Finding An Accountability Partner

When you’re trying to reach a goal, it’s so important to make sure that you have someone available to help cheer you on. Accomplishing goals is so much easier when you have friends and family who can support you and provide direction to your life. The best accountability partners are the ones who will be there to not only support you during the hard times but also celebrate with you when everything is going great. 

Look Inside Your Home 

The people who are closest to you can make the best accountability partners. If you want to accomplish a goal that is very close to your personal finances, sometimes working with someone in your own home will help you reach your goals more easily. Look to your spouse as someone who can be a great accountability partner. Before doing this, make sure that you both are in it to accomplish this goal! 

Find Like-Minded People

When you’re finding an accountability partner, it will be hard for you to get someone who is helpful if they do not have the same mindset as you. Perhaps one of the most important aspects to finding an accountability partner is making sure you know exactly what you want. If you are aware of your end game, it will make finding an accountability partner with the same goals as you much easier. 

Join Support Groups 

A support group is not only an excellent place to get the support you need while working toward a goal but it’s also the best place to find people who want to help you reach those goals. When you join a support group, you get the chance to automatically connect with others who are doing the same things and interested in the same things as you. This helps make it easier for you to get the support you’re looking for. 

Hit the Gym 

Even if your goals are more financial than physical, heading to your local gym can help you find someone who will work with you as an accountability partner. People who are in a gym are often quite motivated and will be working toward their own goals. You can team up and help each other out with your accountability in different areas. While you’re at the gym, make sure you take advantage of it and hit some physical goals along the way! 

Talk With Friends 

If you don’t open up to your friends about what you’re doing and what financial goals you want to hit, they’ll never know that you’re actually trying to accomplish these goals. It’s important that the people who are closest to you know what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. Letting your friends know about the goals you have and the accountability you’re looking for may make you feel vulnerable but can be incredibly helpful when you’re working toward the goal and need a bigger support system! 

Reach Out to Distant Family

Even though it’s much easier to reach out to the people who are close to you for an accountability partner, using the resources that your distant family has will allow you the chance to branch out and find someone who might have similar goals. Connecting with someone you wouldn’t normally connect with is another huge benefit that you can take away from using a distant relative as your accountability partner! 

Go Online 

While in-person support groups are incredibly helpful, it’s sometimes just not feasible to make meetings and find people who have similar goals to you in-person. In these cases, going online and trying to find an online support group can be a great way to get an accountability partner. This can also be helpful if you have a very specific financial goal. Finding someone who wants to do the same thing as you may be easier to do online when you have access to more people! 

Consider Using An App

Accountability apps have their flaws, but they can be helpful for people who don’t have a lot of time. Using an app, you can check in with a real person or with AI to make sure you’re hitting all your goals. Accountability apps may be more helpful for people who work long hours, have a demanding job, or just don’t have the bandwidth to focus on an in-person or online support group.

Remember to Reciprocate 

Accountability partnerships are “give and take” relationships. You will need to not only find an accountability partner to help you but you’ll also want to make sure that you’re making an effort to help your accountability partner! It can be hard and frustrating for some people to meet their goals which is something you’re likely already familiar with. Be sure to set intentions before you take each other on as accountability partners and always work with each other to make hitting goals easier!

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