Budget-Friendly Book Character Costumes for Teachers

As a teacher, dressing up for Halloween can be difficult. It’s hard to find a costume that’s not racy, scary, or could potentially offend someone. A safe choice for teachers is usually a book character, but you’ve been Hermoine the past four years and it’s expensive to dress up like a bus, Miss Frizzle. Instead, use these budget-friendly book character costumes for teachers as inspiration! 

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The Rainbow Fish

This is one of the best budget-friendly book character costumes for teachers and you can even whip it up the night before! Make your own multi-colored tutu for the rainbow part. Tulle is inexpensive and making your own tutu couldn’t get easier. 

You’ll also need a blue shirt and some felt to create scales on your shirt. You can sew the scales on or use hot glue to keep them in place. All in, the project should only set you back a few dollars!  

Make sure to grab a copy of this iconic book and pick it up to read to your students. 

Even high school students will enjoy this story, plus how often do 16-year-olds get to relax and have a story read to them?

Seuss Characters 

Dr. Seuss is a goldmine for cheap costumes. Take inspiration from The Cat in the Hat, the Grinch, or a Who. These costumes are also great because you can reuse them for Christmas, Dr. Seuss Day, and so many other literacy events! Team up with another teacher and have an excuse to run around having fun all day as Thing One and Thing Two.

Need something really fast and super budget-friendly? Use the school printer to print off a picture of a Wocket. Stick him in your pocket. This makes an instant costume for zero dollars.

To Kill a Mockingbird 

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on chicken wire and paper mache to dress up like Scout’s recognizable ham. A black t-shirt with a picture of a ham attached to it is inexpensive and easy to do. Most people will get the reference and those who don’t will be curious enough to ask.

There are also other characters in the book you can choose to dress up as but keep in mind there are quite a few sensitive subjects in the book. Dressing up as some of the characters can be offensive. Sticking to Scout’s ham is usually a safe bet and is very easy to do on a budget.

I Spy Book 

This is one of the budget-friendly book character costumes for teachers that can be as simple or as elaborate as you’d like. All you’ll really need for it is a white t-shirt and a black permanent marker. Draw objects on the front of the shirt and list each of them out on the back under I Spy… 

If you would like to make this more elaborate, you can attach office supplies and other small objects to the front of the shirt instead of drawing them. 

Winnie the Pooh

Branded Winnie the Pooh costumes are so expensive, but this is still one of the most sought-after costumes for Halloween. You don’t need a furry bodysuit to make this costume work though. Here’s your supply shopping list: 

  • Red t-shirt. 
  • Yellow pants. 
  • Dollar store ears. 

Dressing up as this chubby little cubby all stuffed with fluff only requires you to have three things. Also, who doesn’t love an excuse to wear yellow sweatpants to work? 

The Princess Bride 

Dressing up as the princess bride is fun because you can do it one of two ways. Channel your inner literacy lover and dress up as the character from the book. You’ll need a long-sleeved maxi dress and a tan or gold long belt (fabric strips work great) to complete this costume. Team up with another teacher who can play Westley with a cheap black eye mask, bandana, button-up, and pants! 

Want to make it fun with a play on words? Dress up as the “Princess Bride.” Wedding dresses from thrift stores are so inexpensive and you can usually find them for just a few dollars. The poofier the better. Top with a gaudy princess tiara from the dollar store (bonus points for a royal scepter) and you’re literally a princess who’s also a bride.  

Calvin and Hobbes

While this budget-friendly book character costume for teachers will require you to collaborate with another teacher, it’ll be worth it. One teacher can wear a red and black striped t-shirt (Calvin) while the other can wear an orange and black striped hoodie (Hobbes). If you can’t find apparel with black stripes, you can easily make it with a fabric pen, permanent marker, or black duct tape! 

We all know that one teacher who always has an epic costume. What’s the coolest teacher Halloween costume you’ve ever seen? 

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