Affordable Christmas Gift Ideas for Grandpas

I always found it hard to buy gifts for my grandfather. The fact is that he never wanted a lot of stuff and everything he did really want, he had. Still, I always tried to find him thoughtful gifts over the years - a card that would make him laugh, a favorite candy, etc. My grandfather passed away a year ago but we were just reminiscing about him recently. He was excellent on the grill so I've included some grilling gifts in his honor. He also loved to fish when he was younger so I've included some fishing-related items as well. May he rest in peace and may you treasure the time you have with your grandfather.

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15 Affordable Gift Ideas for Grandpas

Grandfathers can be hard to shop for. Here's a list of gifts that are all available on Amazon and are all under $25 so you can easily cross Grandpa off your list. Simply click on the picture and you'll be taken right to the product on Amazon.

Golf Accessories

Is your grandfather a golf-lover? Here's a simple, thoughtful gift he'll love.

Coffee Mug

Have a Grandpa that loves coffee? This is just the gift for him. Not only will it bring a smile to his face, but everyone around him will chuckle a bit as well.

Coffee Gift Set

Of course, if you purchase that great coffee mug, then you might want to consider this fun gift set for the extreme coffee lover. Package them together for a great combination.

Engraved Gift Pen Set

For the Grandpa that loves to journal or just enjoys having a special pen in his pocket, one of these engraved pen sets is the perfect option. 


Apron for the Grillmaster

Whether he's cooking on the grill or manning the stove, this fun apron will show Grandpa how much you appreciate the food he makes. 

Grill Tool Kit

...and if he really is the grill master, why not package that apron with this comprehensive grill tool kit. Trust me, he won't be missing a thing when he cooks your next favorite meal.


Keepsake Journal

What's better than a journal your Grandpa can fill out and leave for future generations. Check out this option.


Pocket Knife

If he's the type of guy that always needs a knife for the project he's working on, then a custom knife is a great choice! Grab this one today!

 A T-Shirt Just for Him

Have a Grandpa that loves being out on the boat with a reel in hand? Pick up this perfect fishing t-shirt so he knows how much you love him while he's working hard at not working hard!

 Grandpas Love Their Naps

If we know anything about Grandpas, we know they are quick to grab some shut-eye no matter where they are sitting. Grab these socks for your snoozing Grandpa and the whole family will be able to giggle about more than just his snoring.

The Thought Really Does Count

Have a sentimental Grandpa. You fill this little book out and get the chance to watch as his eyes fills with tears when he realizes exactly how much you love him.

Grooming Kit

For the Grandpa that's always well groomed, why not consider this grooming kit?

Framed Picture of Grandpa and the Grandkids 

Don't let Grandpa forget about that sweet time he had with the grandkids. Purchase your favorite frame and add your own photo.


For a man on the go, a custom keychain is a great option.

Men's Spa Gift Set

What Grandpa doesn't like to smell good. Consider this manly smelling gift set for the impeccably scented man in your life.

No matter what you choose for Grandpa, make sure you include a fun card from you telling him how much you love him. Looking for more money-saving tips? Join us in the Moms Managing Money Facebook Group.

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