Resources to Support Your Financial Journey

Access our free library of printables, including money management planners, budgeting worksheets, ebooks, and more! We update it often.


Build a strong financial foundation so you can thrive!

I believe 100% that financial stability is possible for everyone. Regardless of the hand you’ve been dealt or what your money story has been up to this point, I will teach you to create wealth that supports your vision of a thriving, fulfilling life and provide tools that uplift and help you reach the next level of your journey.

My goal is to help you build your confidence, increase your financial literacy, and make wise financial decisions as we begin the next phase of life with the strongest possible financial foundation.

Resources for Every Step in Your Financial Journey

Fund Your Freedom

Understand how your money
can work for you! 

Brush up on your money management skills to increase your confidence and rewrite any mistakes you’ve made as you relearn how to manage money after a divorce or split with a former partner.



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THRIVE: Financial Confidence Bootcamp

Rebuilding your finances with confidence after a setback is completely possible!

In this 8-week live group program, you’ll work closely with our financial coaches and a small group of like-minded people who are committed to taking control of their finances. You’ll be empowered to recommit to your goals and learn new financial skills for the next phase of your life.

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The Personal Financial Planner

This year-long planner was designed to be simple and comprehensive! You’ll find every sheet, log, and tracker you could possibly need to have a clear picture of your personal finances. Track everything in one place so you have peace of mind that you’ve got it all covered.

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“There is a gigantic difference between earning a great deal of money and being rich.”

— Marlene Dietrich

Other Free Resources

Online Community

Watch Her Thrive is a safe space for women to talk about what’s on your heart and ways to use your finances to achieve those dreams.

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Budgeting Apps

Using apps can take the hardest work out of budgeting. These are the best budgeting apps to download now if you want to get your spending under control.

17 Budgeting App Recommendations

Read Up

Financial literacy can be literal! I love reading about money and empowering myself with education from my favorite authors. I’ll admit, I re-read these when I need a dose of inspiration!

Favorite Personal Finance Books

Listen In

Prefer podcasts? I’ve been a featured guest on a variety of podcasts, summits, and other speaking engagements. We discuss motherhood, money, and mastering ways to thrive!

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Looking for More? The Watch Her Thrive Blog is a Wealth of Information!

(Pardon the mom joke! I couldn’t resist.) Whether you want to learn about entrepreneurship and creative ways to make money, know what to consider when reentering the workforce after being a stay at home mom, brush up on financial literacy, get tips for financial planning, or be inspired with quotes and empowering stories, the Watch Her Thrive Blog has you covered!

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