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Build a Better Budget Workshop

Saturday, January 6th from 10AM-11:30AM EST

Seize control of your finances for a future filled with financial serenity!

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Join Us on a Journey to Financial Empowerment

Do you feel overwhelmed when it comes to managing your money? Perhaps you believe you're not 'good' with finances or fear that budgeting will rob you of life's pleasures. These concerns are more common than you might think.

But here's the truth: anyone can learn to manage their finances effectively and find joy in the process. Yes, that includes you!

Over the years, we've found that the budgeting journey often brings up many questions. You might encounter roadblocks or uncertainties that halt your progress, leaving you feeling stuck and frustrated.

That's exactly why we created the Build a Better Budget workshop. This hands-on, real-time session is designed to help you navigate those stumbling blocks and confidently create a budget that works for your unique lifestyle.

Instead of struggling through the process alone, you'll be part of a supportive community. Together, we'll demystify budgeting, answer your burning questions, and ensure you leave with a practical, personalized budget that you feel excited to implement.

We can't wait to welcome you!

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What to Expect in the Build a Better Budget Workshop...

Welcome to a dynamic, real-time journey where we not only discuss the steps to crafting an empowering budget but actually create one together! You are free to participate as actively or as quietly as you prefer - this is your journey, after all.

To ensure you hit the ground running, we have designed five straightforward exercises for you to complete before the workshop. Once you register, these preparatory activities will be sent to your inbox. They're designed to provide you with a solid foundation for the live session and to maximize our productive time together.

Rest assured, this workshop is a sanctuary of non-judgment. We are all here because we recognize the power of financial knowledge and the freedom it brings. Our common goal? To conquer budgeting and unlock our financial potential.

At the end of this 90-minute workshop, you'll walk away with more than just a budget. You'll possess the skills and confidence to continue budgeting effectively, bringing you greater financial peace of mind and eliminating the stress often associated with managing money.

And don't worry if you can't catch everything in one go or if you want to revisit the workshop later. We'll record the session and email it to you, so you can access the valuable insights and lessons at your own pace, anytime you wish.

Join us and transform your financial journey with a budget that truly works for you!


“What most impressed me about Leah is her ability to make financial planning to be an easy and ‘painless’ task. She has a very simple process to help one think about their needs for the future and a clear system on what to do to achieve those goals.”

- Susie


At the end of the Build a Better Budget Workshop
you will...

  • Gain a clear insight into your personal motivations to enhance your financial health, enabling you to maintain focus on your monetary goals.
  • Revel in a gratifying sense of achievement, armed with a tailor-made budget that aligns seamlessly with your values and lifestyle.
  • Feel a surge of confidence, gifted by the knowledge of your money's precise destinations each month, eliminating any financial guesswork.
  • Bask in the comfort of security, understanding that you now command your spending plan and are better equipped to face any financial future with resilience and preparedness.

In essence, this transformative workshop equips you not just with a budget but with a newfound sense of financial empowerment. Join us and take the reins of your financial destiny!

Reigster now - only $77!

“Leah is amazing and always guides the conversations to make sure learning and achieving goals continues.”

- Alyson


Is budgeting causing you stress? Do you aspire for a future unburdened by financial worries? 

 If your past attempts at budgeting have left you feeling overwhelmed, or if your goal is to build a secure financial future for yourself and your loved ones, this workshop is designed with you in mind.

Fear not if your existing budget seems to be failing you or if you haven't yet dared to draft one - the Build a Better Budget Workshop is here to aid you in reclaiming control of your financial destiny.



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Frequently Asked Questions

The workshop is Saturday,  January 6th, from 10:00-11:30 a.m. EDT. If you're unable to attend live or can't stay for the whole thing, don't worry. We'll send out a recording afterward.


The cost of the workshop is $77 and includes access to the live workshop as well as the recording afterward.


The workshop will be hosted via Zoom. I would encourage you to log in from a laptop or tablet so you'll be able to see the contents shared during the workshop. 

We'll send you a series of 5 short activities you can do to prepare for the workshop via email. The first three activities will be sent to you immediately upon registration. 

This workshop assumes no prior budgeting knowledge. In fact, if you've been budgeting for a while, you may decide you need to "unlearn" some things after this workshop. 

Yes, this is a live, interactive workshop and we encourage you to ask questions. 


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