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Build a Better Budget Workshop

Saturday, October 1 - 11AM-12:30PM EST

Take charge of your finances and implement solutions so you can enjoy a more secure financial future!

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Many of our clients have shared why they think they can’t create or stick to a budget. Some of their reasons are: they’re not good with money; they don’t have a financial background; they want to have fun and not be so restricted. The list of reasons I’ve heard is extensive! 

But I am here to tell you that you can learn how to live on a budget, stick to a budget AND have fun doing it!  

In working with clients on their budgets, one of the things I discovered is that when you are working through the process of creating a budget, a lot of questions come up - there are a lot of things to think about that can prevent you from making progress because you get hung up on how to answer these questions. 

And that’s why I developed the Build a Better Budget workshop  - so a group of us can build a better budget together in real-time and work through your questions together. 

I hope you'll join us!

Here's what you will experience in the Build a Better Budget Workshop...

This is a live, interactive workshop where as a group we will walk through the steps to create a better budget, and we will actually create the budget too! You can participate live as much or as little as you want. 

There are 5 simple exercises to work through before the workshop. This will help you be prepared to get right into building a better budget during the live workshop. Once you register, we send you these 5 challenges by email. 

This workshop is a judgment-free space. We’re all here because we need help with budgeting and reaching our financial goals.

At the end of the 1.5-hour workshop, you will know how you can budget and budget well so that you can have financial peace of mind and get rid of the stress you have around money.  

The workshop will be recorded and sent to you afterward by email so that you can revisit the content anytime and as often as you want!

“What most impressed me about Leah is her ability to make financial planning to be an easy and ‘painless’ task. She has a very simple process to help one think about their needs for the future and a clear system on what to do to achieve those goals.”

- Susie

At the end of the Build a Better Budget Workshop
you will...

  • Understand your motivation for improving your finances.
  • Feel a sense of accomplishment now that you have a budget that will work for you and that is in alignment with your values.
  • Have confidence in knowing where your money is going each month.
  • Experience a sense of security knowing that you are in control of your spending plan and are more prepared for the future.
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“Leah is amazing and always guides the conversations to make sure learning and achieving goals continues.”

- Alyson

Are you struggling with budgeting?
Do you want to create a more secure financial future? 

 If you have struggled with budgeting in the past and want to create a better financial future for yourself and your family, this workshop is for you! 

And don’t worry - whether you already have a budget that doesn’t work for you or you haven’t started a  budget yet, this workshop will help you take control of your financial future.

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