This program will help you establish a strong financial foundation to use now and well into your future. You will gain financial security and stability and experience the support of myself and other women as you go through this journey.



In this live 8-week group program, you’ll work closely with Leah Hadley and a small group of other  women who are committed to taking control of their finances.

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Welcome! I am so glad you're here. I'm Leah Hadley, an Accredited Financial Counselor (AFC) and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA).

If you are feeling stressed about money, I have been exactly where you are. After adopting 3 kids and then going through my own divorce, I remember the shame of having no money in my bank account all too well. The only thing that gave me financial peace of mind was having a clear plan in place.

Fast forward to today and I now run 2 thriving businesses. I have come a long way since my divorce and I want you to know that you can, too.

 I believe 100% that financial stability is possible for everyone. Regardless of the hand you’ve been dealt or what your money story has been up to this point, we will teach you to create wealth that supports your vision of a thriving, fulfilling life and provide tools that uplift and help you reach the next level of your journey.

My goal is to help you build your confidence, increase your financial literacy, and make wise financial decisions so you can begin the next phase of life with the strongest possible financial foundation.

To your financial future,


 This is your invitation to THRIVE! What is the THRIVE Financial Confidence Bootcamp?

THRIVE is an 8-week bootcamp to de-stress your finances and build your money confidence after your divorce.

This program is a blend of education, community, and compassionate support to help you remove the stress, transform your finances, and regain your confidence after your divorce to make wise financial decisions.

Here's what you will experience when you join THRIVE...

Education, community and compassionate support to help you transform your finances after divorce.

8 Weekly Online Lessons

Each week, your financial coach will walk you through a concrete, practical step that you can take to transform your finances after your divorce.

Kickoff Call

The program starts with a group kickoff call. We'll get to know each other and we will walk you through the wealth of resources available to you through the program.

Bi-Weekly Group Coaching Calls

We will celebrate your successes & problem solve as needed. Bi-weekly 60-min group coaching calls provide ongoing accountability and support. Live calls are held at 1pm ET on Thursdays.

Private Community of Divorced Women

Support and accountability between calls. You will have exclusive access to the Thrive community forum.

Building Wealth Assessment

We'll send you a short assessment to identify your strengths and weaknesses as it relates to building wealth after your divorce. You'll receive immediate feedback that you can start implementing right away.

Weekly Journal Prompts

Changing habits is an internal job. We'll guide you through some introspective activities to help you gain clarity and confidence.

Care Package

No printer? No problem. We'll send you a printed workbook, journal, and other swag (only shipped in the U.S.).


We want to celebrate your milestones with you! As a Thrive member, you will have the opportunity to earn prizes to help you stay focused and motivated.

"My biggest struggle was knowing how to navigate my finances after separating from my husband. Since joining THRIVE, I have determined my living expenses and the income amount I need to live and save for the future. If you feel stuck with your finances, THRIVE helps you to know the steps to move forward."


THRIVE is for you if you…

...Are stressed about your finances after divorce and aren't sure of the first step to take to get back on track

...Wonder where to even start when it comes to rebuilding your bank account after your divorce has settled

...Want to be proactive about addressing your debt so you can better plan for the future

...Feel like you can’t make progress on righting your finances on your own and would like expert guidance and support


The THRIVE program will help you transform your finances! 

In 8 weeks, you’ll be able to…

...Set financial goals based on what is actually going to help you thrive after your divorce
...Create an action plan to take you from shaken to self-assured about your finances 
(and then execute that plan with support from our financial coaches and the group)
...Trust yourself and your ability to manage money well
...Find your financial confidence and make goal-based choices with ease
...Have a clear plan of action so that you can create a financial
stable life now and in the future
And you'll receive a care package in the mail if you live in the US!
(Seriously, this has been a highlight for a lot of the people in the group!)
A lot can happen in 8 weeks. With the support of our financial coaches and the group, you will be amazed at how you face challenges head on. 

You may think that achieving financial stability after a divorce sounds impossible and maybe even a little scary because you've been struggling
for so long.

But if you've read this far, you are ready for a transformation. I hope you say yes to yourself and this opportunity to learn, feel strength in the group energy, and thrive after your divorce! 

"The bi-weekly meetings are really helpful. Everyone cheers each other on and helps work through difficulties to come up with creative solutions. Leah is amazing and always guides the conversations to make sure learning and achieving goals continues. I wish I would have found this program years ago but I am grateful to have found it when I did! "


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Whether you’ve made a “mistake” or you’re stressed about money and want tangible support, your worries are completely valid and you’re not alone. Let’s help you go from struggling to survive to thriving!

"My biggest struggle before joining THRIVE was not knowing how to take control of my finances and feeling as though they controlled me. Now, I feel that I have more control over my finances and feel empowered to get to where I want to be, financially. I am so grateful for having found Leah. Her empathetic support and wisdom is such a blessing at a time in life that has been so challenging. "


Frequently Asked Questions

You’ll receive instant access to my free library of budgeting and money management printables that you can use right now to help you organize your budget and find your money confidence! You’ll also be placed on my email list where you’ll receive inspiring, educational emails dedicated to bringing you knowledge and insight to grow your wealth.

When you sign up for the waitlist, you’ll unlock a library of free budgeting and money management printables including:

  • Monthly budget worksheet
  • Money Management printable
  • Holiday budgeting planner
  • And additional resources that are added all the time

Yes! There are a few ways we can work together.

Jump into the Fund Your Freedom course, where you’ll learn the secret to being good with money! In a week, you can be on your way to financial freedom (without restrictive budgets or depriving yourself of things you enjoy.) Learn more here.

Schedule a Clarity Call with one of our financial coaches. In 90 minutes, the coach will help you gain clarity around your specific money issue and create a custom action plan for every cent. We’ll work through your financial questions with answers tailored to your unique needs to help you create a strong foundation for your current financial reality and extend into your financial future. Learn more and schedule your Clarity Call here!

Access to weekly lessons, building wealth assessment, all group coaching calls for the life of the program, lifetime access to a private community of like-minded women. 


Join the waitlist for THRIVE!  

We will let you know when the next round opens up. By completing the form, you can also get instant access to my library of budgeting and money management printables that you can use right now to help you organize and find your money confidence!