Empowered to Thrive 

A Workshop for Women Ready to Gain the Confidence, Skills & Support to Embrace Financial Independence

with Leah Hadley, AFC, CDFA


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6/26-6/30 at 12pm EDT daily

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What You'll Learn:

Unleashing Your Financial Freedom: A Guide to Financial Independence for Women

Mon, June 26th at 12pm ET


Rewiring Your Money Mindset: Embrace Prosperity and Abundance

Tues, June 27th at 12pm ET


Overcoming Financial Fears & Building Confidence

Wed, June 28th at 12pm ET


Creating Your Financial Independence Plan

Thurs, June 29th at 12pm ET


Leveraging Community Support for Financial Independence

Fri, June 30th at 12pm ET


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This workshop is for you if:

  • You're tired of not feeling confident that you're making the right financial decisions
  • You are recently divorced or separated and you're worried about managing money on your own for the first time or the first time in a while
  • You've always let someone else in the family handle financial decisions but now you're ready to embrace your financial independence
  • You want to connect with other women in a judgment-free zone who are experiencing the same challenges you're facing
  • You want to learn from a money mentor who has helped hundreds of people optimize their finances after a major life change


This session is NOT for you if:

  • You are not interested in connecting with an open-minded community free from judgment
  • You are not responsible for your own financial decisions
  • You already feel like you have the mindset, skills and support needed to manage your money with ease

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"Leah is so friendly and so knowledgeable, and she makes everything feel simple. I often go into our financial planning meetings overwhelmed, and she’s always very patient and kind. I always walk away feeling like I learned something."


Meet Your Mentor

Hi there! I'm Leah. I didn't grow up thinking I would be a business owner or a financial planner, for that matter.

When I went to college, I studied sociology and was fascinated by the study of social change. When I went on to grad school, I became a teacher.

The transition from teacher to administrative assistant to investment analyst to business owner was a windy road, but it taught me the importance of embracing change and taking risks. I had to learn new skills, expand my network, and be open to opportunities.

But it was all worth it. I've discovered a passion for helping people manage their money better, and I still get to teach every day as my clients grow into more educated investors.

So, if you're feeling stuck, I encourage you to step outside your comfort zone. You never know where it might lead you.


Begin managing your money with greater confidence!


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